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Michael Weiner scholarship recipient sees critical need to protect workers’ rights

Philadelphia native Susannah Maltz, who is among the five winners of the 2017 Michael Weiner Scholarship for Labor Studies recently announced by the Major League Baseball Players Trust, initially studied linguistics at NYU, but ultimately veered to what she considers a more fulfilling career path.

“I went to law school in order to serve the workers’ rights movement,” said Maltz, who now attends City University of New York School of Law. “The scholarship’s focus on labor organizing issues fit perfectly with my course of study, and my intentions for my future as an attorney.”

Maltz, who roots for the Phillies, believes the Players Association’s record of accomplishment over 50-plus years serves the greater labor movement as a visible example of the gains workers can achieve when they stick together and form cohesive unions.

Maltz noted it’s “heartening to see a powerful and passionate union that has continued to build momentum since its inception.”

“Often, workers in baseball, especially Major League players, are thought of as having a great deal of power and wealth,” she said. “But the work of the MLBPA demonstrates that baseball players, managers, and trainers, are, like all workers, vulnerable to wage stagnation, problems with health and safety protections, and exploitation by employers. Workers’ rights are critical in every field.

“The work of the MLBPA serves as both a reminder of that and as a success story of effective worker organizing.”

Maltz was not only honored to earn her Michael Weiner Scholarship, but she also believes she can live up to the ideals espoused by Weiner.

“The fact that the Players Trust administers the Michael Weiner Scholarship in order to help advance the next generation of labor attorneys ensures that the fight for workers’ rights will continue. I’m very grateful to have received the scholarship.”

Maltz also offered that she shares the former MLBPA executive director’s solidly working-class sense style.

“Like Michael Weiner, my preferred footwear is Converse high-tops.”


To be eligible for the Michael Weiner Scholarship for Labor Studies, individuals must be Graduate or Law Students enrolled in accredited educational institutions in the United States or Canada and must have a demonstrated interest and aspire to a career working in the labor movement and on behalf of workers’ rights.

To receive an award, eligible candidates must meet a combination of criteria including a superior academic record, a demonstrated commitment to the labor movement, a strong recommend ation from an academic or a labor/worker’s rights practitioner, and an excellent display of written and oral communication skills.

Preference also is given to those who can demonstrate financial need through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) scores or otherwise.

The scholarship application for the 2018 Michael Weiner Scholarship for Labor Studies will be posted here in July 2017.

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