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The Reggie Sanders Foundation to host 3rd annual Advantage Games

The Reggie Sanders Foundation recently announced plans to host its 2017 Advantage Games. The games, which consist of more than 20 sports challenges for children of all ages with disabilities, are scheduled to be held Sunday, April 2, at Field in Myrtle Beach, SC. The sports challenges are devoted to promote athletic and academic skill-building and confidence among the participants.

The Foundation’s Advantage Games provides its participants with opportunities to experience the thrill of participating in athletic competitions.  As proclaimed on the Foundation’s website, Reggie Sanders and the Reggie Sanders Foundation are committed to creating a culture of compassion, creativity and champions.These games remove the stigma and the sting these individuals endure daily by providing a place for them to showcase their skill on the baseball field.

Participant registration begins at 12:45 pm on April 2 and is open until the 1:00 PM scheduled start time of the event.   For more information about volunteering, sponsoring or participating in the 2017 Advantage Games, please visit

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