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Major Leaguers Provide $121,570 in Grants to Physicians for Peace

The Major League Baseball Players Trust has selected Physicians for Peace, an international non-profit organization delivering medical training and support to healthcare providers in developing regions, as the recipient of two important grants totaling $121,570. The grants will allow Physicians for Peace to continue critical medical education efforts in the Dominican Republic and the Philippines.

Physicians for Peace will use the Players Trust grant in the Philippines to address pressing medical needs and aid Typhoon Haiyan recovery efforts. Two disability clinics will be established and equipped, vastly improving reliable access to specialized services for amputees and others with mobility impairments.

In the Dominican Republic, Physicians for Peace will continue addressing the need for in-country disability care and burn care training. Burn injuries in developing countries, such as the Dominican Republic, occur every five seconds. The victims of these injuries are often children under the age of 15.

Physicians for Peace will facilitate two week-long training sessions at the Unidad Niños Quemados burn unit, located in the city of Santiago, which will include hands-on and lecture-based learning opportunities.
Along with training in disabilities and burn care, Physicians for Peace also provides surgery and maternal and child healthcare training to local medical professionals in developing regions.

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“This is the second time that the Major League Baseball Players Trust has awarded Physicians for Peace with important global health grants and we are extremely honored,” said Ron Sconyers, CEO and President of Physicians for Peace. “We believe education is the most effective solution to some of the world’s most serious global health challenges and these grants enable us to expand our outreach.”

”We’re honored to once again support the outstanding work of Physicians for Peace by providing grants to help improve the lives of the disabled in the Dominican Republic and the Philippines,” said Players Trust Director, Melissa Persaud.  “Major League baseball players have taken a keen interest in the work of Physicians for Peace, and they are thrilled to assist their efforts, especially in the Dominican Republic, which is home for many of the players.”

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