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Adam Ottavino and Steven Souza, Jr. Help Players Trust Brighten Birthdays

Youth from the Regent Family Residence in NYC celebrated November birthdays during Volunteers of America’s Brightening Birthdays program funded by the Players Trust. Adam Ottavino from the Colorado Rockies stopped by the event to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Adam Ottavino and Steven Souza, Jr. made appearances this month at birthday parties that Volunteers of America and the Players Trust hold for disadvantaged kids living in VOA facilities for low-income, transitional and homeless people.

This was the first year that the Players Trust has funded VOA’s Brightening Birthdays program, which provide children, regardless of socioeconomic background and living situation, an opportunity to celebrate their birthdays like other kids.

For the past four years, the Brightening Birthdays program has made one day each month a celebration for kids who have birthdays that month. In 2015, the Players Trust funded 108 such parties across the country at VOA facilities, bringing new energy to the program and a fun, worry-free afternoon for kids who need a break.

Ottavino, a Brooklyn native who is rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, made an appearance along with his wife, Brette, at the Regent Family Residence on New York’s Upper West Side earlier this month for a Brightening Birthdays party.

The previous week, Steven Souza, Jr. of the Tampa Bay Rays attended a Brightening Birthdays celebration for a young female resident at Maud’s House, a Seattle facility for homeless women and children that are working toward permanent housing stability.

“I felt really honored to celebrate that girl’s birthday,” the Seattle native said afterward.

About Maud’s House
Maud’s House is a ninety (90) day communal living program for homeless women and children that are working toward permanent housing stability. The program addresses the problems of homelessness by offering holistic, wrap around services. Maud’s House provides a safe, healthy and supportive environment for women committed to change.

About Regent Family Residence
Regent Family Residence is a transitional shelter serving 140 homeless families. Regent Family Residence supports its guests with childcare, classrooms, recreational space, and other services. The staff teaches essential skills to promote responsibility, empowering residents to succeed long after they have found permanent housing.