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Medicines For Humanity The Players Trust has prioritized giving in the Dominican Republic, the birthplace of so many Major Leaguers who know firsthand of the impoverished conditions. The Players Trust has partnered with Medicines for Humanity (MFH) to help improve the medical and living conditions of thousands across the Dominican Republic.
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Program Highlights

The Players Trust has provided an estimated $890,000 to support Medicines for Humanity (MFH) initiatives in the Dominican Republic. These funds have been used to purchase medicines that would have cost $6.25 million if purchased at US average wholesale prices, as well as to support other program initiatives that have included the operation of mobile clinics and training for community health workers. MFH’s primary goal is to reduce child mortality caused by a lack of basic healthcare and medicines. They are focused on sustainable change – educating and empowering individuals in ways that will allow them continued progress.

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