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First-ever stand-alone websites for the 501 c 3 nonprofit created and administered by the players and the national youth volunteer program created in partnership with Volunteers of America

New York, NY, Tuesday, April 8, 2014 – The Major League Baseball Players Trust today announced the formal launch of two new websites created to support the activities of the 501 c 3 non profit administered by active Major Leaguers, and the Action Team national youth volunteer program they created in partnership with Volunteers of America.

The sites mark the first-ever, stand-alone websites for the Players Trust and Action Team.

Created and developed with the assistance of New York City based Blue Fountain Media, both sites incorporate the latest in web design and technology and will serve as hubs for the social media accounts and activities of the Trust and Action Team. features include:

• Dedicated pages for various Trust programs, such as Buses for Baseball, City Clinics, Disaster Relief, Golf Tournaments and Players Choice Awards, as well as pages dedicated to Trust charitable partners, Esperanza International, Medicines for Humanity and Volunteers of America;
• News & Events sections for each of the above listed programs as well as a main news and events section on the homepage;
• A calendar of Trust events;
• Newly created videos highlighting each of the above listed programs and partnerships;
• Media galleries including current and archival photos and videos. features include:

• A social media feed at the top of the homepage that includes feeds from the Action Team’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts;
• A password protected resource center, where current Action Team members can access community service ideas, training videos and other downloadable materials to support their youth volunteer efforts;
• Action Team Captain profiles, featuring photos and other info supplied by high school students and Major Leaguers involved in the program;
• Community service and Action Team related blogging opportunities
• Action Team news, events and a calendar to highlight the various efforts of Action Teams from high schools across the U.S, including Hawaii, as well as Puerto Rico and Japan
• Newsletter subscription opportunity;
• Media galleries featuring photos and videos of Action Team teens and Major Leaguers in action.


For additional information, please visit and/or and visit the Players Trust channel on YouTube at; Follow: @MLBPLayersTrust; @_ActionTeam


Media Contact: Greg Bouris, Major League Baseball Players Association, 212/826-0808;