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Campaign launched to shine light on high school volunteers

Hishaam and Rachel are changing the world for the better through volunteering.

As Action Team Captains, the two high school seniors have spent hours of their free time volunteering in their local communities. Now, their efforts are being brought to a national spotlight through the Action Team national youth volunteer program’s newest campaign, “Difference Makers.”

The Action Team released a series of PSAs and videos today, which star current Action Team Captains – Hishaam, from Tampa, Fla., and Rachel, from Cleveland, Ohio – including two in-depth videos that symbolize the commitment of hundreds of Action Team Captains across the country.

Hishaam joined the Action Team after watching an Action Team PSA while watching TV and, as a baseball lover, took the initiative to launch an Action Team at his high school.

“The Action Team really allows you to become a leader and allows you to do more than just volunteer,” Hishaam states in the video. “It allows you to come together for a common cause and allows you to learn new skills in life.”

In the PSA, Hishaam pointed to his efforts with Buddy Baseball, a program where he and his fellow Action Team Captains volunteer to help teach and play baseball with local special needs children.

“Volunteering itself is really simple. All you have to do is find something that you are passionate about,” Hishaam said. “Because if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you see it as something you want to do. You don’t see it as work or as something that is a burden. You see it as something that is joyful and fun to you.”

Rachel, a beyond busy high schooler, said she finds time to volunteer in between going to school, working at a local pizza restaurant and baby-sitting.

“I’m really busy and I know a lot of people in high school are really busy with everything going on,” Rachel states. “But just find one hour, where maybe you would be watching a TV show, to just give your time to someone else instead.”

Rachel enjoys volunteering at the Cleveland Clinic pediatric cancer unit, , where she spends time with children fighting the disease – something she had to battle with when she was younger.

“It doesn’t take an extraordinary person to make a difference,” Rachel said. “Anyone can make a difference and I think we all do. It’s just a matter of what kind of difference we choose to make. Just having a positive attitude or helping every now and then makes more of a difference than I think any of us realizes. If everyone did one small, nice thing every day, I think we could have a much happier world.”

The videos were directed by Andrew Vallentine, an LA-based video producer who has produced content for top social media influencers such as Joey Graceffa, Ricky Dillon, Shane Dawson, Trisha Paytas, and others. Andrew’s work has generated more than 100 million views across various social media platforms in the past two years.

The campaign also features traditional :30 and :60 spots in addition to the two, in-depth features on the Captains, Rachel and Hishaam. The 30-second PSA debuted to a national television audience during FOX’s broadcast of the 2017 All-Star Game, while the :60 spot made its debut during the MLB Network broadcast of the Major League Baseball Players Association’s 2017 Players Choice Awards show.

The Action Team program continues to add new schools regularly, and since its inception in 2003, it has inspired more than 100,000 high school students to help more than 305,000 people in need.

The Action Team is free to join and Captains receive free posters and T-shirts to help support their efforts.  They are also eligible to receive college scholarships from the Players Trust and they are invited to attend regional Action Team service projects featuring Major Leaguers.  In recognition of their efforts and accomplishments, they receive free tickets to Major League baseball games and certificates of achievement signed by Major Leaguers near the end of the school year.

Action Team applications and additional information can be received by visiting the Action Team website ( or by sending an e-mail request to



To view the 30-second and 60-second spots, please visit the Action Team YouTube page:

“Difference Makers” 30-second PSA

“Difference Makers” 60-second PSA