My name is Ryan Blay, an Action Team Captain who just graduated from Jefferson Academy High School in Broomfield, Colorado. Last year, I was introduced to the Action Team — a partnership of Volunteers of America and the Major League Baseball Players Trust. As my school’s Key Club president, I wanted to have my club start an Action Team so we could have more ways of helping the community.
That decision definitely paid off. With the amazing resources from Volunteers of America and the Players Trust, we were able to help with a 9News Food Drive, participate in the Head Start tutoring program, and throw a graduation party for GED graduates. We also organized two blood drives, renovated a house, helped with Operation Christmas Child, served food at Denver Rescue Mission once a month, and picked up trash around our school’s neighborhood once a month.
There are infinite ways to make your community a better place. Sometimes as you watch the news, it is hard to see  that there are positive things happening to make the world a better place. That’s why it is important to make those positive things happen yourself. Every day, there are a thousand chances to improve someone’s life or improve your community and you have to possess the spirit of service in order to act on those opportunities.
This spirit of service has become integral to who I am. It takes effort to make a difference in the world, but it is easy to continue knowing you can make an impact. This spirit I have found to be contagious.
My enthusiasm for volunteering infects others and they feel encouraged to volunteer again and again. This had led to a very successful Action Team/Key Club for my school and it will be exciting to see what next year holds.
Overall, the Action Team has shown me that there are many people that need our help. If everyone focused on helping one another, the world would be a better place.


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