By Ben Hershey

Alexandria, VA

During my sophomore year of high school I spent a week at a work camp in the rural mountains of western Virginia where we repaired houses for low-income families who had fallen into hard times.

At the end of the camp, our group was asked by the leaders to share what we got out of the week. My answer was this:

“In both the years that I attended this camp my group completed all that we were assigned to do for the family, but at the same time it was clearly not all the work that the family needed to be done. The work camp created in me the need and the desire to serve families like these all over the country and to provide what they need.”

That is where Action Team comes into play. The Action Team came into my life at the perfect time later that summer when my memories of the work camp were fresh in my mind.

The Action Team helped me fulfill that desire to give back by providing an opportunity to give back to my community in ways I could have only imagined. I’m forever grateful for those opportunities to serve others.