I am currently a senior at my school and have been an active member of the Action Team since freshman year. My role as a captain is to plan and organize community service events for students and we do so almost every weekend.

Our school’s efforts include feeding the homeless, working at a food bank and distributing groceries to elderly low-income senior citizens. I also encourage other members of my community to become involved in serving those in need.

Giving out sandwiches to the homeless is probably my favorite Action Team activity. Every other week during the school year, our team members pick up food from our donors and hand deliver it to people in need.

By personally delivering the food, I get to know the people who I’m helping and they get to know who is helping them. By initiating conversations with those we help, we get to learn about their life and their dreams. I like getting to know them — not as people in need, but as people who have something valuable to contribute. I’m always eager to listen.

Community service has been a part of my life growing up. It’s something I genuinely enjoy. I want to make an impact on the world and one way I can make a difference is by helping others improve their lives.

One of my goals when I enter adulthood is to become a community leader. I don’t know exactly what my role will turn out to be, but I know I want it to be service related.

As a senior, part of my decision about which college to attend will be based on the college’s commitment to serving its local community, as this is something I have come to value over the past four years volunteering with Action Team.

-Emma, St. Stephens & St. Agnes High School