As a member of the Action Team, being able to help people in my community has been a privilege and an honor.

When people go through unfortunate situations, the worst thing that can happen to them is to feel alone and without help. And through the Action Team program, high school students are empowered to be there for our neighbors in need.

Our Action Team at Brunswick High School in Brunswick, ME has helped those less fortunate in our community by setting up food drives to show them that they are not alone or forgotten. They really do have people who care for them.

One thing I learned as an Action Team member is that not only is it important to help those in need by providing items most of us take for granted, but sometimes all it takes is being there with a handshake and a smile. In other words, just be friends.

One event I will never forget was our visit to the Westrum House, a senior housing facility in Topsham. It was a lot of fun to talk with people who had grown up in the same area, but during a completely different era. In addition to comparing how life has changed over the years, we bonded by participating in games with the residents, such as “hall basketball”, bingo and Wii Bowling. Some of the residents even beat our scores!

Overall it was a joyous time for all!

Joining the Action Team has truly been a fun and moving experience.

Through the Action Team, and our involvement with our local Volunteers of America affiliate, I’ve gotten to know some students I didn’t before, formed connections with teachers I didn’t know, and met adults throughout the community.

Derek Devereaux

The partnership between Volunteers of America and the Players Trust is a great pairing, because as Action Team Captains we gain access to monthly conference calls featuring players, we’re eligible for college scholarships, and we’re even rewarded with awesome trips to ballparks like Fenway. This speaks volumes for the dedication that Major Leaguers have for the Action Team program and it shows how much we have in common with the players. Away from the ballpark, we’re all dedicated to helping others less fortunate.

–Derek, Brunswick High School