Our Blog/2015/August
  • The Action Team as my Family

    By Ryker Wakeley

    If there was one word to describe the Action Team, it would have to be “family.” The people you meet and the experiences you have all build upon who you are, and the Action Team is there to help facilitate that growth — much like a family would.


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  • Former Maui Action Team Captain Reflects

    By Jonathan Ibanez

    High school serves as the academic, athletic, and social seed for many students. In ninth grade, they are planted into fresh, nutrient-rich soil. Throughout high school, students experience periods of stimulating growth and periods of hardship. By their senior year, some will have grown into promising saplings and…

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  • The Action Team – Oh, the people you meet.

    My name is Nora Burns, and I was an Action Team Captain at York High School in York, Maine before graduating last spring.  I initially joined the Action Team to discover volunteering opportunities in my community. I had already been volunteering for our local hospital, but I wanted to do…

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