• Action Team provides ideal outlet for this youth volunteer

    By Ben Hershey

    Alexandria, VA

    During my sophomore year of high school I spent a week at a work camp in the rural mountains of western Virginia where we repaired houses for low-income families who had fallen into hard times.

    At the end of the camp, our group was asked by the leaders…

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  • How the Action Team Changed My Life

    By: Emily Vo

    Everett, WA

    When I first started with the Action Team in Everett, I was honestly just the typical student who was searching for volunteer hours to put on my college applications. I wasn’t really motivated to help others at all. I was also very shy and rarely contributed to any type of discussion.


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  • Reflections from a former Action Team Captain

    By: Lindsey Hall
    Freshman, University of New Hampshire

    My name is Lindsey Hall (on left in photo above) and I was an Action Team Captain at Thornton Academy (Maine) for four years. The Action Team was the very first club I joined at my school and I couldn’t be more pleased…

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  • The Action Team as my Family

    By Ryker Wakeley

    If there was one word to describe the Action Team, it would have to be “family.” The people you meet and the experiences you have all build upon who you are, and the Action Team is there to help facilitate that growth — much like a family would.


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