Join Major League Baseball Players

Volunteer Program

The Players Trust Partners with Volunteers of America to provide affordable programs and services to thousands of seniors, veterans and kids and their families. They inspire thousands of high school students to volunteer in their communities through the Action Team national youth volunteer program ( In addition, they provide life-saving medicines and preventive treatment for children in the Dominican Republic.

The Players Trust also teaches baseball and important life skills to disadvantaged children from inner cities across the U.S. and supports long-term rebuilding and recovery efforts in areas devastated by natural disasters, including Haiti, Japan and the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Region and areas hit hardest by tornadoes in the U.S. They provide micro-financing for needy women and families living in the Dominican Republic to launch businesses and break the cycle of poverty in their communities and partner with The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition to deliver an inspiring service-learning curriculum to 1 million high school students each month.

They treat disadvantaged kids to Major League games, complete with hotdogs, souvenirs and personal welcomes from the player while honoring the performances of Players Choice Award winners with generous donations to the charities of their choice have provided more than $13 million in total contributions to date.